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Are you ready to fly?

We’ve all been there. Surf Skiers float so effortlessly over the water, you just can’t wait to hit the surf and flex your natural talent. Eager to the point of antsy, you watch the week count down to play as you daydream of your natural grace conquering the ocean. The surf skiers glide so effortlessly, you can’t wait to show off. Minutes trickle into days, you couldn’t possibly wax another inch of ski, and finally you get your chance…

Your chance to humiliate yourself. Triumph turns tragic, hopes dashed, sunshine never seemed so stupid, and salt water never so bitter. You’re in the sunshine, on the beach, doing something you’re passionate about, why are you scowling? Nobody likes to fail, and it’s hardly fun to struggle. The old adage “the easier they make it look, the harder it probably is” holds no exception here. The smooth grace of a surf skier doesn’t just happen, it’s a series of smart execution and practice.

I can’t practice for you, but I can teach you how to get your face out of the surf and the wind in your hair. I can teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

We’re all individual in our reasons and passions for this sport. Fun. Exercise. Grace. Mine is the quest for perfection. There’s always something to improve, and tomorrow’s always a result of today. It’s a good thing success has always outweighed pride for me, or I would’ve given up a long time ago. When I was starting out, so hungry for satisfaction, I looked everywhere for guidance. Back when I started surf skiing, information was sparse and limited to poor quality manufacturer websites, ethically ambiguous salesmen and individual know how.

So to learn, I was basically dependant on the sportspeople around me, gathering and gleaning their wisdom through conversation and the synchronized trial and error of undergoing the same journey of tribulation and effort.

As you’ve experienced, not much has changed. This lack of guidance and education effected my speed of progress and methods tremendously. This book is intended to be the most comprehensive document about surf skis that is available today. If only I had known the simple trick on how to gauge the appropriate amount of leg length, so that I could find the right ski- so crucial for control; and not been at the mercy of the salesman whose ambition is his commission, not my success. Or the single most effective tool to improve your race starts.

What I would have given for an opportunity like this book to be guided through the pitfalls and nuances of this most technical sport. There’s a reason your arms get so tired, and your pace is so sluggish. There’s also a method to fix it.

Underneath the fluidity of skiing is an intricate connection of details, and within this book we’ll analyze all of them individually and collectively, so you can adjust and perfect the specific problems within your delivery, and also comprehend the big picture of all these small steps. Stop struggling. Start surfing.

We’ll analyze in detail:

How to handle your paddle efficiently. It’s not about thrashing harder. Wait until you see these simple tricks
The secret to balance. No yoga classes or philosophical Zen necessary
The key to the right ski. What you shouldn’t buy, even if it’s a good deal.
Why you can’t stay on your board. You’ll wonder why you ever couldn’t.
The sabotage of good intentions. Change these simple outlooks and stop being your own worst enemy
How to become one with the ski and the ocean. Think less. Surf more.
Why your arms are so tired and your pace is so slow. Who wants to put out the most effort and get the least results?

Passion is personal. We’ve all got our details, our personal motivations behind satisfaction and drive. We all wake up, we all want more. I ventured into surf skiing after a youthful lifetime of surfboarding in Australia. I personally enjoy the technical mastery necessary to fly over the water. Maybe you thirst for tranquility or grace. Whatever your reasoning, there’s always;

Hours at the beach
Chasing the exhilaration of catching the next big wave
Spending time with like minded friends
Sharing surf with dolphins, whales, and stingrays
Open water fishing
The nimble rush of flying

When I started surf skiing back in ‘08, I found it very difficult to find information about anything to do with this sport. I was alone with my passion. As I encountered others coupled in my drive, I took notes of our shared challenges and recorded my evolution from their experiences. This is why this book exists.

A presentation of the issues I faced when learning how to conquer the surf, my hope is to educate you on these very same challenges, to enable you to push above and beyond your limitations into something worthwhile and satisfactory.

This book is the culmination of years of collection, of testing and trying all the recorded information I’ve come across regarding this glorious art. It covers everything from riding in the surf to the hows and whys of buying a second hand ski, to conditioning your body for the obstacles ahead, to tricks and tips for putting that hard earned physique to use. Things I found easy, hard, and interesting. Things that improved me, and things that didn’t.

This book is intended, and is, the most comprehensive document about surf skis available today. Most importantly, have fun. There’s a reason you’ve devoted your leisure time. Nobody but you is riding the ski. Heavens knows, I’ve enjoyed the ride, acquiring the knowledge about this fantastic, strenuous sport, and reaping the benefits of my own diligence and mastery. Below I’m going to illustrate some of the things I’ve encountered within my struggles. I hope they make your leisure time that much more fantastic.

As you develop your skills and master your control, things will become easier. You’ll quit struggling for balance and become hungry for speed. You’ll start noticing the details of the horizon, and make sense of the world. Time will slow down, and effort become leisure. You’ll stop worrying and start smiling, until of course that gets inevitably boring, and you find yourself worrying about something inherently more fun than looking like an idiot. Like beating the other guy.

Over the years, I’ve compiled elementary to intermediate techniques to stop failing and start sailing. The bottom line to success is practice and education, and with these pro techniques, you’ll change from a thrashing spectacle to a nautical bullet.  Armed with the impressive education of this comprehensive manual, you’ll shatter records you only drooled about before, and revision your entire goal outlook. Quit wasting your time and frustrating yourself.  Quit giving the other guy bragging rights.

Baby steps.

This is a complete excerpt from my book. With thrill comes cunning, and we’re all brothers on the wave. White water is the first major obstacle you’ll encounter when paddling in the ocean. I’ve analyzed and outlined the fundamental 3 stroke method you’ll find so necessary to get you through the waves and back into the race every time. It’s the first major step to looking like a pro. Enjoy.

White water- 3 strokes

When you start paddling into the ocean, the first obstacle you will hit is the white water of broken waves when paddling out. If you’ve followed all the balance and technique guidelines up to this point, it will not be difficult to get through this white water, all you need to do is add the following fundamental guidelines to your paddling skills toolset.

Approach the wave head on. If you’re coming at an angle, it will be much more difficult to maintain your balance
You want to concentrate on getting the following three paddling strokes correct when you get to the wave:
The first stroke should go into the water just before the broken wave gets to you. Try to complete the stroke as you hit the white water. Maintain your posture.
The second stroke should be inserted right into the middle of the white water, pulling you over and through.
The final stroke should fluidly be placed on the other side of the wave, in the clean water again. I say fluidly as you do not want to stop/start stroking through the wave, it should be fluidly executed as if there was no change to what you were doing before the wave.

Keep practicing that 1-2-3 punch and you will have no problems negotiating white water. Sometimes you see experienced paddlers really …

Salesmen are there to do their job. Depending on the talent, ethics, and beliefs of the individual salesman will define their job within a very large spectrum. The best salesmen (and these wonderful men do exist and thrive in their skill set) understand the symbiotic relationship between buyer and seller, and educate and retrofit your ideas and desires into the best practical solution for your wants and needs. These men understand their (and your) craft, and can help guide you into a ski that’s both affordable and within your needed specs.

And then there’s the used car salesman type. Blinded by mediocrity, fueled by the scent of your wallet, this guy’s trying to get through college one sale at a time and he assumes that just like with cars, the most expensive one must be the best.

The sad reality is that he’s probably just as ignorant as you on what you should and do want, but being in the position of authority, he can bullshit you into something you don’t need that can ultimately sabotage your progress and enjoyment. Don’t fall prey to children and jackals. Within this book I go over the entire buyers checklist, showing you what to look for and expect in both a new and used craft.

The single most important aspect is leg length. Appropriate leg length is very important when surf skiing, both for your balance and for your power and drive through the water. You want your legs reasonably straight, but not so much that you can’t straighten them to help with your balance and power

I’ll show you a failsafe trick for determining your perfect leg length inside the book, as well as a complete list of other crucial variables you should be educated on before making your purchases.

There’s been a lot of hype lately within the fitness industry about core strength and fitness, with due cause. Flavor of the Month and media buzz aside, your core muscles- from your shoulders down to your groin have a direct correlation to your functional fitness, a jargon-worthy word meaning the benchmark for your aptitude and fitness with your daily activities; from taking out the trash to rescuing your daughters stranded kitten, and everything in-between.

Outside of isolated gym exercises, hardly anything you do with your body doesn’t use your core. When you core muscles start to give out from fatigue, so does your game directly, whatever it is, from basketball to the bake sale, role model to show off, nothing has a more direct impact on your general fitness and subsequent energy levels.

Paddling, the central backbone mechanic to surf skiing is the most effect core workout you could ever possibly devise. A blend of total body exercise with both a push and pull range of motion, an intrinsic interval exercise; correct paddle posture uses your entire body with supreme efficiency.

When you paddle correctly, every muscle of the body comes into play, most especially your legs and back muscles. There’s a couple of really awesome dynamics interconnected here. One of them is a phenomenon called Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPEOC as it’s been cleverly anagrammed. What this means is, after you perform anaerobic exercise, intrinsically; after you intensely exercise your muscles, your metabolism stays elevated to provide the recovery your body needs to restore its depleted resources. The larger the muscle used, the longer required for recovery, resulting in the more calories burned.

In conjunction with this phenomenon is the pure raw aerobic component to it. An hour of moderate intensity paddling burns an average of 430 calories for a 180lb male. This is why surf skiers, kayakers, and rowers have such powerful, lean physiques.

The results from exercise come from the exercise itself, depending on the energy systems it utilizes. Endurance exercisers look it, their body has decimated away the unnecessary tissue. On the flip of the coin, power lifters volumize into dense thick muscle, and in between, are the sportsters utilizing both energy systems. Basketball players, sprinters, skiers. How do you want to look naked?

On top of the intense caloric expenditure and profound impact on your general fitness levels from such effective core training, the most affected muscles from rowing are the legs and back, as I just said. According to Times Online, among a myriad of sources, a V shaped torso is both the most attractive build for a man, according to women, and the most indicative of higher social status, according to both sexes. A V shaped torso broadcasts power and health, commands attention and respect.

Improve your golf swing. Get the girl. Ooze confidence and seal the deal.

Of course, everyone knows about the health benefits of exercise. Life is unfortunately easier said than done. But what is it about exercise we find so damnable in the first place? Is it too hard? Or just too boring?

Who has time to think about your maximum heart rate zone when you’re being chased by a breaking wave, or navigating through the currents while battling through white water? Few gyms have a view of the ocean at sunset, and how often do you share a cool down session with a playful dolphin? More likely you get stuck next to some chatty guy with enough back hair to export.  When’s the last time you conquered the ocean while getting in the best shape of your life?

If you’re just beginning with surf skiing, you have quite the journey ahead. This sport is a blast. Engineering has developed the water craft into an aerodynamic bullet, whether riding through waves or blazing over flat water. If you want to be fit, both mentally and physically, if you enjoy being challenged and thrilled, if you appreciate the water — river, lake, or sea — riding a surf ski will reward you in ways very few things can.

Behind the simple design, these nimble craft require precision and an educated approach. As you begin this sport, you’ll understand the necessity of learning how to crawl first, then walk and run, before you spread your wings to fly.

Anyone can sink a paddle into the surf. Behind every do is a thousand don’ts.

For a limited time, I’m offering the mantelpiece of my efforts and education, compacted and refined into a complete guide, covering everything from a Buyers Guide, Training, and Drills to Skills, Techniques, Know-How, Theory, Coaching, and more.

I’ll show you which ski to buy, how to set it up, find your balance on it, and use your balance explosively and expertly. I’ll get you through the white water, by education of technique and fitness.

Before this book, a surf ski education was limited to coaching and trial and error. A single coaching lesson can be double, even triple the single cost of this book, and that’s just one of many. Coaching is definitely a worthy investment, but why waste so much time and money on the fundamentals when you can educate yourself, and get yourself to the coach ready stage that much sooner. Each of the fundamentals I cover throughout this book would take a multitude of lessons to approach. Since my beginning of surf skiing, I’ve been coached by legendary Stuart Keay and Trudy Holt. Most of the corrections to my technique have come from their vast experience and knowledge. Stuart has won Gold Medals in Queensland, Australia and World events in Surf Lifesaving Surf Ski events.

This book is not intended to replace coaching. As I’ve stated numerous times so far, this is a very technical sport, heavily reliant on deft technique and fundamentals. I highly recommend a good coach, the investment is unfathomably worth it. However, we’re all busy. Without dedication and grit, coaching may be too time consuming and expensive to get you through the learning curve. Don’t waste your time and frustrate yourself from happily pursuing a fantastic sport with tremendous rewards. Stop floundering. Earn bragging rights. Success is when knowledge meets opportunity. Are you ready?

Save yourself the trouble and effort I couldn’t. I know what kind of information is out there, I’ve been looking for it since the beginning. This guide radically changes what’s available for information. I’ll guide you through the steps of Novice Day One, metamorphosing you from a struggling newbie to someone able to traverse fathoms of distance, able to fly through the breakers at ocean beaches, and catch waves back in.

This is more than most people you will ever meet will be capable of, a laudable accomplishment in itself. If this is you, this book is for you. I have written it outlining the fundamentals which will get you crawling. Then there are skill refinements which will see you walking and running. Finally there are drills and suggestions to ready you to fly over the water, like you never imagined you could.

Get a step ahead before someone else does. Let’s hit the beach.