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Surf Ski Coaching – Picking Up New Things Every Session

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Surf Ski Coaching

I still get coached and attend regular coached surf ski group sessions. Why? Its simple. Coaches who observe their students will pick up many things that the students do not even know they are doing wrong. They also have such a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sport, that good coaches will teach (or re-teach) their students, something new every single session.

These lessons are often simple things. But these simple things often make the biggest difference to your performance in the water, or on race day. One great example is core rotation. Rotating and using your core to paddle, rather than your arms, is where you get the majority of power out of your surf ski. A paddler using his arms too much will always be beaten by a paddler who correctly paddles through his core. This is one aspect of my paddling that I always think I do well, right up to the moment where my coach points out how badly I am doing it, corrects my technique and has me “re-feeling” correct technique.

Just the other day also, I was given a golden nugget of advice. I was paddling along with the group, going along on my merry way but failing to gather much speed. My coach pointed out that I was paddling at the speed my ski was going. How could I expect my ski to go faster, when the paddle was going at the same speed? To increase speed, I needed to accelerate my paddle while it was in the water. Such a simple piece of advice, but something that made a real difference to my craft speed. I never would have made this logical connection myself.